Are online freelance jobs legit?

By Eugene Wanekeya Speaking authoritatively as a person who has earned significant paydays from part-time online freelance jobs, I say they are legit. But as is common with many other income generating platforms, online ventures are not free from abuse therefore it is important for you as a job seeker to do your due diligence. … Continue reading Are online freelance jobs legit?

Kenyan TV viewers should self-regulate

By Eugene Wanekeya Is the average Kenyan so uninformed that they cannot make use of parental control on their TV sets? Well this is the question I have been asking myself for the past month as I decide whether or not to chime into this Netflix vs the Kenya Film Classification Board debate. Apparently, representatives … Continue reading Kenyan TV viewers should self-regulate

Kenyan corporates embrace blogger community

By Eugene Wanekeya In the span of less than a month, I have received invites to be a part of two major corporate events. The first was the launch of the Airtel Hadithi blog by Airtel Kenya and the second was the marking of the 45th anniversary by Laboratory and Allied Ltd. The common denominator … Continue reading Kenyan corporates embrace blogger community

Have online trendsetters turned into corporate propagandists?

By Eugene Wanekeya “Do not Sh*t where you eat.” I know. It is a crude way to start an article but current mitigating circumstances warrant a crude analogy. But, let me give some background before I get to the gist of the story. Public Relations was once a very noble profession and vital to an … Continue reading Have online trendsetters turned into corporate propagandists?