Dumb down your tech ads

By Eugene Wanekeya

Communication may not rank anywhere among Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs but it is through communication that we attain those needs. The world would be a much better place if people could simply communicate better. Whether it is in our personal lives or within the corporate, the need for effective communication cannot be underscored.

question-markIn business especially, effective communication is a simple concept yet proving to be very elusive. A delve into how tech companies communicate new trends to the consumer paints a picture of an urgent need for improvement. Technology keeps evolving much faster than the average consumer can keep up yet companies that provide tech solutions keep making the assumption that the would-be consumer is up to speed. Whether your company is providing a faster and more advanced internet or intranet connectivity, it is vital that you invest in consumer education as opposed to assuming that they are tech savvy enough to get it.

For instance, the Kenyan media is awash with ads from telcos or ISPs advertising their cutting-edge 3G and 4G technological capabilities. Question is does your average consumer know what you are talking about? Chances are high that this is the proverbial Greek to them. This then means that millions of ad resources are going down the drain promoting a product that the consumer barely understands.

Tech companies ought to take a cue from ads from pesticide companies which in as much as they talk about something as simple as killing a bug, they ensure that the consumer is well aware of the fast acting ingredients contained in their product hence making it so effective at hunting down the stubborn bugs. These ads may not get into the nitty-gritty of chemical composition of the pesticide but they give the consumer a basic understanding of what the product does and how it works.

..millions of ad resources are going down the drain promoting a product that the consumer barely understands.

Yes, technological advancements may not be the easiest to explain in layman terms but it is smarter and economical to figure out a way to dumb down your ads as opposed to burning millions of shillings in the mass media speaking a language only you and a few elite understand. If you are targeting the elite then a door to door campaign would be much more effective because they are in the minority.

The beauty of technological advancements especially in the media is that costs of consumer education have drastically been brought down thanks to social media platforms. It is now much quicker and cheaper for a company to educate its target consumers about new tech developments. As you dumb down your tech ads, be sure to make use of current media trends to reach out to your consumers and bring them up to speed.

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